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Не работает альтернативная текстура

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Если она таки останется, информация для тех, кто хочет добавить свою текстуру в список "New Textures":
Like this:

1) Make your retexture. This tut obviously won't cover how to graphically change a texture -- do that on your own! Once you've got your retexture in .dds format with the proper alpha channeling, slap it into your Fallout 3/Data directory -- IN THE PROPER ROOT! For instance, if you're making a new retextured piece of armour, you'd have it in Fallout 3/Data/textures/armor/MyNewArmor. Also, grab the original normalmap (usually itemname_n.dds, in the same location as the original diffuse texture), rename it (ie "MyNewArmor_N.dds) and throw it in the same folder.

2) Open up GECK; go to the Miscellaneous section of the Object Window; go to Texture Set. Anywhere in the list of Texture Sets, right-click and select New.

3) Give your new texture set a name, such as "MyNewTextureSet". Underneath the title field you'll see a list with "Map" and "Filename". This is a list of various maps you can load to a texture. For most basic objects you'll only need a Diffuse map (the actual graphics of your texture) and a Normal map (those crazy rainbow-coloured shadowy textures that tell the game engine how to bounce light off of objects to create artificial depth). Load your new texture under the diffuse map line (make sure the texture you load is in the Fallout 3/Data directory; GECK nor Fallout 3 will be able to read textures you've saved elsewhere on your computer -- ALL new assets must be in the Data folder), and load the "_n" normalmap of the texture as well. Hit OK -- you should see your new Texture Set appear in the list of texture sets.

4) Go back to the Object Window main list, and go find the item you'll be retexturing. For instance, let's say you're retexturing the Combat Armor; so go open up its form (the window containing all global data for that item) by going to Items>Armor>CombatArmor.

5) Change any of the Weight, Health, AR, Value, etc that you want -- but we're simply retexturing the Combat Armor so no need to change its stats. On the right side of this form window you'll see two sections, labelled "Male" and "Female". These sections point towards the NIF model that this item uses as well as the texture.

6) Under Male, the first selection at the top is "Bipedal Model". This is the version of the item when being worn by a Bipedal (two-legged) NPC. Hit Edit.

7) You'll be brought to a new window which should show a render of the item in its default position, as well as a list for "Alternate Textures". At first, the only things you need to worry about is the UpperBody section and the Arms section. Right-click on each of these, select "New" which will bring up the list of Texture sets, find your texture set, and double click it. That part of the body should now be using your texture. Repeat for each body part necessary (usually UpperBody and Arms as I said). Then hit OK.

8) Back at the item form window, your new item with its own texture is now created. Hit "OK" - GECK will prompt you asking if you'd like to create a new Form, as you've renamed the original. Hit YES -- if you hit No, all of the changes you've made will be saved to the default item (ie Combat Armor) and no new item will be created.

9) Your new item will appear in the Object Window list in the section of whatever the original item was. Just go to File>Save in GECK, make your .esp, and voila.

From someone off the official forums (sorry can't remember), he gets full credit anyway not me. :thumbsup:
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Не волнуйся, ты совершенно нормальный. Мы все пытались убить детей...(с)



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